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The Mirrors They are a highly versatile decorative complement, in addition to providing us with a great practical use, they also illuminate, expand, duplicate and decorate the walls. Without a doubt, a beautiful mirror is a great option to decorate a wall. Therefore today we bring you some modern, original, amazing design mirrors and therefore very decorative. Let’s see them !!

Modern design mirror OSLO:

A beautiful and avant-garde mirror of contemporary design made by glass panes in the shape of irregular prisms that form a highly decorative mosaic. This mirror can be placed in both vertical and horizontal position.

Modern design mirror ARGEL:

Another spectacular mirror with a modern design made with a moon in the central part with a rectangular design and an ornate border that combines circles and squares.

JAPANESE modern design mirror:

An original modern mirror made up of beveled windows in elliptical shapes that together create a beautiful modern and original mirror.

SUN II modern design mirror:

A nice modern sun-shaped mirror composed with interleaved and mirrored rays inserted into a central mirror moon.

For me, one of my favorites. As you can see, it is an original and current mirror that is made with beveled moons in two colors, purple and silver. The outer ring-shaped windows are superimposed forming a beautiful frame on a square mirror. See all mirrors by clicking here.


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