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If you are a lover of avant-garde and minimalist design in decoration, these accessories will be perfect for you.

This is the Black & White clock, created by Kibardin Vadim, it is so called because at night it lights up to give you the time in white and by day it lights up in black, a delight for lovers of minimalist decoration.

Via: Oled Clock

This is another watch, but with the difference that all the numbers have been removed. This clock tells the time with words, with a very modern design, it will be perfect in your avant-garde decoration.

Via: Qlocktwo

This other item is an alarm clock with a beautiful minimalist design, it has a touch of elegance and subtlety. It is inspired by a flute.

Via: Bang & Olufsen

The following article is a table lamp that saves energy and also charges your devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod ect. It has a very elegant and very fine design.

Via: Macworld


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