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We recently wrote an article in which we said that the latest trends in materials for making furniture were changing and that if a few years ago wood in natural finishes was the main protagonist, now synthetic materials such as MDF were replacing that trend , since the latter are cheaper and offer more modern, more contemporary finishes.

But that does not mean that wood is far from obsolete or that wooden furniture is losing its pull, and as a sample we bring you a beautiful collection of pine wood living room furniture in taupe with a brushed finish.

Is exclusive collection of living room furniture, it is modern, robust, brings sobriety to the environment and fills it with a palpable elegance that few materials manage to do.

We have found it in a Single Sale, you can buy the entire collection or some of its furniture separately. For this reason we present the furniture one by one so that you know more details about this very contemporary furniture.

The Eloise table. Like the whole set, it is made of solid pine with FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council) and particle board. Color is taupe with brushed finish. It is a table for 6 cutlery with measurements of 180cm long x 78cm wide x 90cm deep.

See more details or buy the Eloise table.

Eloise sideboard. Like the rest of the furniture that makes up the Eloise collection, the sideboard offers a robust but elegant appearance. It is made of solid pine wood and particle board with a brushed finish. The sideboard has 3 doors and 3 drawers.

See more details or buy the Eloise sideboard.

Eloise TV cabinet. How could it be otherwise, this precious collection could not lack a furniture for television. With the same finish and design as its brothers, it offers a sober and elegant finish. It has two doors and 3 drawers and supports a maximum weight of 55 kilos.

See more details or buy the Eloise TV cabinet.

Eloise display cabinet. A good showcase could not be missing in this exclusive and modern furniture collection. So here you have the Eloise display cabinet, a large piece of furniture to store a large tableware among other things with 4 very practical doors.

See more details or buy the Eloise display cabinet.

Eloise shelf. And of course, a shelf could not be missing to store books, films and other objects that we use every day. With the same elegance and sobriety, this modern bookcase with 8 holes is presented, due to its sliding doors only 4 are visible.

See more details or buy the Eloise Shelving.


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