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The decoration of the gardens has left aside the borders. Among the most current trends, the Japanese style is one of the most attractive in the market.We are talking about gardens that inspire on the one hand by Zen, and on the other by minimalism.The former has a prevailing use of sand and stones, and the minimalism of the Tsukiyama tradition, betting on making an ode to the hills and lakes of Japan.The whole tradition has a strong attachment to Buddhism. Delving into the worship of elements such as water and earth, as factors that make life in the world.In its origins, these beautiful Japanese gardens were a privilege for the elites that ruled the nation.

Now, this great gardening tradition is in our hands, as an opportunity to give a different and harmonious aesthetic to the courtyard of our homes.

Japanese Zen Garden Decoration Designs

Rockeries and sand gardens show depictions with views of the mountains and rivers. Sand and gravel are ribbed in delicate designs to symbolize the oceans, while the rocks represent the mountains. Grouping may be performed arbitrarily or in groups, but practice states that stones will be grouped in odd numbers. Placing these gardens in the current landscape creates the impression that you can see the mountains from a distance.

Modern Japanese Zen-style garden designs

Japanese gardens also use moss for its flexibility and durability. Moss is able to withstand and stay green even under harsh circumstances, including freezing and dry air. Moss has remained a central item in Japan’s gardens, as it is considered a friendly herb. Moss will also scatter in the garden whether it is surrounded by a building or a body of water. Proper shade is needed for the moss to survive, but some sunlight is perfect. Moss is grown in an environment of sufficient soil moisture, shade, temperature and pH of 5.0-5.5.

Original closed zen gardens

You don’t need a large outdoor space to add a rock garden to your home. Above you can see a small enclosed rock garden in the center of a houseroom that unifies living space with nature. Now we leave you with more images of Japanese gardens to inspire you, don’t miss the tour.

Garden designs with oriental decorative elements

Small garden design with pebbles

Moss will also scatter around the garden whether it is surrounded by a building or a body of water. Adequate shade is required for the moss to survive, but some sunshine is perfect. Moss is cultivated in an environment of sufficient soil moisture, water, humidity and pH of 5.0-5.5. In order to grow your own moss greenhouse, three steps must be taken to buy live moss, which can also be purchased online.

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Garden with Zen-style decorative elements

Original modern garden landscape design

Beautiful Zen garden design

Japanese Zen garden design

Garden design with road

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