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We already presented some originals last week gifts for this Christmas 2012 – 2013They were some of the most original maps. These maps are found in the store Curiosite. Original gifts. And today we bring you another of their hundreds of gifts that they have available as an option for a good decorative gift for Christmas. We bring you some decorative vinyl of the most original.

Decorative vinyl shelves. Notice how beautiful and original decorative adhesive vinyl to decorate your home. As you can see, it imitates some shelves with color books and other accessories.

Tree decorative sticker. A beautiful tree-shaped vinyl, on which you can hang notes as if they were tree leaves. Forget about leaving your notes on the fridge or on the door of the house, now you have a much more original place to leave your notes.

Wall sticker Super Mario. Both for adults who adore their young days, and for the little ones, this original decorative vinyl that recreates an authentic game of Super Mario, will decorate your house in a big way.

Goal decorative sticker. An original vinyl shaped like a goal so that the little ones can play football at home as long as they have space and behind that wall there are no other inhabitants of course.

Decorative vinyl signs. An original blackboard adhesive vinyl in the shape of signs so that you can write on each arrow the place where it points, for example: Bedroom, toilet, living room, etc.

Polka dot wall sticker. Some pretty polka dots in the form of vinyls to place them as you like. You can form an original mosaic like this one or spread them as you like to create a beautiful and original combination.

Tron Legacy vinyl sticker. Another classic turned into vinyl. this time it is the mythical video game Tron recreating the epic final battle.

Decorative vinyl pockets. In addition to being decorative, these vinyls are tremendously useful since as you can see, they are pockets to store objects, some small holes that never hurt, right?

Decorative vinyls for refrigerators. With a few simple vinyls you can transform your fridge into a real robot, monster or your favorite friend, you decide!

All these vinyls and many more can be found in Curiosite. Original gifts.


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