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We are witnessing a change in the way of conceiving current bathrooms. The total set is still being valued, but each time the individual elements take on more prominence; more attention is paid to detail, highlighting more each element of the bathroom, declaring that each piece has the same importance as the whole or the total scene.

Thus, essential elements in bathrooms such as bathtubs and sinks are becoming increasingly prominent, thanks to a more polished and meticulous design, attention to detail, such as the Artis collection of basins and Squaro Edge 12 bathtubs, both by Villeroy & Boch.

Individual design pieces that have become a trend in the design of bathrooms and that we are going to know right now.

They are not recent, they were presented a couple of years ago, but like all trends and movements, these take time to form and expand, and now, we are living the zenith of that time.

Artis washbasins by Villeroy & Boch

Created by the German designer Gesa Hansen, this series of sinks is available in 4 shapes and 15 colors, inspired by the seasons of the year together with a Parisian lifestyle, giving rise to elegant, contemporary sinks, with great strength and, above all, individual.

Artis Primavera washbasins

Inspired by the freshness and nature of the season of the year where these concepts are most abundant, the countertop washbasin Artis, available in three shades of green, is also available like all the others in the Artis range in four shapes: round, oval, rectangular and square; made of a novel, high-quality material developed by Villeroy & Boch, known as TitanCeram.

Artis Verano washbasins

In a lovely shade of yellow, the sink Artis Verano are inspired by the sun and heat of this time, as well as the inherent happiness of summer.

Artis Autumn Washbasins

In shades of pink and coral, the countertop sinks Artis Autumn are inspired by the leaves of the trees before falling, at this time.

Artis Winter Washbasins

For the Winter range, blue, cold and refreshing tones invite calm and relaxation, conducive to this homely time of year.

Artis Atemporal washbasins

The designer has chosen the always elegant black to create the Artis Intemporal range of washbasins, creating a model of sink that adapts to any modern and timeless style, with sophisticated results.

As we can see, each piece of the bathroom begins to take center stage. We already saw the round mirrors in previous articles, now the sinks, and, of course, the bathtubs also stand out; specifically the Squaro Edge collection, also by Villeroy & Boch, which is committed to individuality.

Squaro Edge 12 freestanding bathtubs

Squaro Edge 12 bathtubs have been granted the power of individuality coupled with well-being, achieving a deep modern aesthetic. The number 12 is not because there are 12 colors or 12 models, but because its edge is only 12 mm, partly to blame for this current design that these wear. freestanding bathtubs.

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With trims on the overflow and drain, the Squaro Edge 12 bathtubs are designed with precision, pampering every last detail, so that the bathtub is a remarkable element that adds design and decoration in the bathroom, becoming something more than a practical and functional object.

Naturally, the most remarkable thing at first glance is the color of its base in which more than 200 colors create a range of unique customization possibilities for the bathtub, thus achieving the freestanding bathtub perfect for every bathroom.

And if we do not have the possibility of installing a freestanding bathtub, the Squaro Edge 12 model is also available in the traditional versions of bathtubs embedded.

Although if we do not want any color, the bathtub can be chosen in traditional white or Graphite Noir, like the model we see below:

A nice deep modern black in a high gloss finish.

An aesthetic and well-being pleasure created by Villeroy & Boch, which we can buy at Banium, in the form of freestanding bathtub.

Did you know these models of basins and bathtubs from Villeroy & Boch? What do you think of its design? It would be great to know your opinion. I read you in the comments.

Photos: Villeroy & Boch


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