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Well I see in the search results that many of you enter the blog looking for ideas on how to paint a room one color or another.

So how do I like that every time you enter Thousand Ideas leave satisfied, I have proposed an idea, and it is to bring every little time (a few days) photos and ideas for painting rooms in different colors.

So we started today, and I wanted to inaugurate this kind of new section with ideas to paint a room with the color red, compiled a few pictures of rooms painted red, very inspiring from which you can get many ideas so that you can take advantage of them and light up the light bulb inside your head to paint your room red. Let’s see them!

Of course, before starting, I would like to say that red is a very strong, energetic color that gives off a lot of vitality and you have to know how to combine it well, because in the long run it can cause negative feelings even in our personality or in our mood. , that’s why you have to combine it well and here you can see the colors that match red.

Now let’s look at those red rooms.

Red painted rooms

With the headboard wall painted red, and the rest of the walls in brown, matching the wood of the furniture.

The headboard wall was also painted bright red, combined with a lot of white and wood.

Also with the headboard wall painted red, creating an accent wall, and the rest in white and wood tones.

Rooms painted red with stripes and other effects

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Other idea to paint a room red is to do it with stripes. Yes, with stripes, horizontal, vertical, wide, thin, deep red, a duller red, and as you can see, a modern environment is created with a lot of color on the walls.

But if you look at red, it is always accompanied by white, as I said before, it is because white is the color that best hits red, lowers its strength and softens its energy, in addition to the decorative combination that these two colors offer us. it’s marvelous.

Unpainted red rooms

And well, we are talking a lot about ideas to paint a room red But maybe you don’t want to paint and even if you love the color red, you just want to give your bedroom a touch of this color but without actually painting it, as you can see it can be easily achieved.

It is enough to add decorative elements such as textiles, accessories, accessories, pictures or even furniture in red to transform a room in red.

It is a color that has a lot of strength and with little added it will be enough to insert a great injection of color.

Rooms painted with red and other colors

In burgundy, a very nice and elegant shade of red, combined with soft earth tones on the rest of the walls.

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In bright red, with a border painted in black that runs around the perimeter of the room.

In red and white, one of the best combinations to apply the color red.

And well, after seeing rooms painted and decorated with red To a greater or lesser extent and especially combined with white, it must also be said that red offers many other combinations with other colors as I said before, and although it should be remembered that the best colors to combine with red are neutrals and of course white can also be combined with yellow, blue, gray, and purple among other colors.

Now here you can see 100 photos and ideas to paint a modern room, and here others 100 colors for rooms.


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