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It is true that tiles they are a very suitable coating for the walls of a bathroom. They are resistant, we have a huge variety to create a beautiful decoration on the walls, they resist humidity, etc.

But no matter how good coating they are, the tiles they have a “but”. And they are “difficult” to renew or restore. Since if we want to change the appearance of our bathroom for other tiles, we have no choice but to do work, with the inconveniences that this entails. Hiring bricklayers, a “high” financial expense, disrupting the peace and comfort of our home for a few days, and so on.

Therefore, although tiles They are highly recommended for covering and decorating the walls of a bathroom, in the long run we know that we will have to change them, either because they have gone out of style and we do not like them, or because some have been broken, or for any other reason.

So, if you find yourself on this edge, I wanted to collect some ideas from various professionals where they teach us some of their bathrooms where they have painted their tiles, with excellent results, so that you take note and you can renew the tiles and by extension the entire bathroom, painting the tiles.

With that said, let’s look at these ideas for painting bathroom tiles, executed by some professionals in the sector.

Design and execution by Ana Lorenzana

Decorator Ana Lorenzana is extremely talented when it comes to renovating bathrooms without doing work. Proof of this is this beautiful bathroom with tiles painted white in the lower part and mint green in the upper part that the decorator executed to renovate the bathroom of her clients.

Do not miss the before and after of this bath by clicking here, as well as other fantastic jobs that he has in his profile, as well as being able to hire his services so that he leaves the bathroom as beautiful as the one we just saw, or like the one that We see below, also designed and executed by her.

Design and execution by Ana Lorenzana

In this case, the decorator Ana Lorenzana chose to add a soft blue in the lower part of the bathroom tiles, leaving the upper part to apply a nice and cozy very soft earth tone, achieving a modern and fresh scheme that revitalizes and rejuvenates everything the bathroom when painting the tiles, among other things that were modified in the bathroom renovation project.

Design and execution by Ana Lorenzana

In this other project the decorator chose to add white in the form of a plinth in the lower part and blue above, creating an interesting color palette that rejuvenates the entire bathroom. The power of paint applied to bathroom tiles. You can see the before and after here>

Let’s look at another example.

Photography and Design by Roots and Wings Furniture

In this case, the tiles that line the bathtub were white, old and out of date. To redecorate them, they were first painted black, and once the paint was dry, a white painted stencil was applied to create an attractive mosaic that rejuvenates and redecorates the entire bathroom.

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See more details of this project at The Spiffy Company

Simpler and more classic but with a great transforming power that of this other bathroom, in which its original tiles were antique turquoise, and in which all of them were painted white, leaving the tile border to be painted black, creating a timeless and elegant palette, and completely modifying the look of the bathroom, as only black and white know how to do.

Project executed by The Painted Hive Instagram @thepaintedhive

More current and fresh this other combination of colors to paint the bathroom tiles that we see above these lines. Walls with tiles painted white, and the base of the bathtub covered with tiles, painted navy blue, creating a fresh, navy-style palette, very modern.

See more details of this Remington Avenue project

Without many complications, this other bathroom was also rejuvenated by painting its tiles, in this case all in white, except for a border painted in black in the upper part of the wall, making the bathroom look much more modern and current than in the state he was in.

Janel Hutton Project and Photography by Nellie Bellie

In this other bathroom it was decided to paint its classic square tiles in white, leaving a border at half height to paint it black, creating an always winning combination of black and white, and giving the bathroom a renewed and rejuvenated look , as it is commonly said, for four dollars.

See more of this project at Driven by Decor

Naturally, since we are talking about painting the bathroom tiles in colors, not only those on the walls are susceptible to change, those on the floor as well. In this case, they were painted a very elegant dark gray, and you can see more details of the before, after and how to do it, on the Driven by Decor blog.

Now, if you’ve been wanting more, here you can see ideas and colors to paint a bathroom with and without tiles, bathrooms without tiles, and 60 ideas to decorate a modern bathroom.


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