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It must be recognized that a house without beams, with clean walls, and by clean I mean straight walls without any piece of wall coming out or getting in because of the structural design of the house is a perfect house.

But in few houses we can find smooth walls without holes or recesses that, due to a beam or other architectural element, leave us an empty, dead hole that most of the time we waste because we do not know what to do with it except try to hide it.

That is why today I propose a idea to take advantage of those gaps. Which one? Adding shelves.

Yes, a few simple shelves according to the decoration of your house, will make that hole or nook practical and perhaps, by adding these shelves you have improved the organization of your house in an extraordinary way, in addition to that you finally put a use to it is hollow and you integrate it within the same space, effortlessly.

With that said, let’s get started:

Ideas to put shelves in the recesses in a living room

The rooms are usually the ones with the most holes due to their architectural structure. Here are some photos and ideas to see how with some simple matching shelves, you can turn that nightmare of a useless hole into a comfortable and practical corner.

Photography Mauricio Fuertes | Interior Design The Room Studio

The draft and the chimney create a mocheta leaving separate holes on each side, which in this case have been used with practical shelves of warm wood, creating a symmetrical effect that the eye always likes and taking advantage of those holes in a masterful way.

If the hole is not in a corner but in the center of a wall, no matter how much you try to hide it, there will be no way to get rid of it. Writing this, the saying or saying comes to mind: If you can’t beat your enemy, join him.

Said that it is a perfect fit for this example where instead of trying to hide the hole they have put some glass shelves or shelves and the bottom has been lined with a rather striking wallpaper and the result could not be better.

Instead of hiding it or trying to camouflage it, the opposite has been done: Highlight it.

Bruguer Photography and Colors

In this other room, in Bruguer’s styling set to present its colors, we see that there is a large mocheta, and the long part of the wall has been added a shelf of the same size of wood to create a bench, a nice area seats.

And so you can see that you do not need a professional in many cases and that I am not talking about making an excessive effort, here is the principle of what can be a nice corner used with shelves.

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It has simply been placed 4 wooden boards screwed to the wall, which at another time can be painted, wallpaper or decorated as we want, and without spending a penny, that hole in the wall has hardly been used.

Interior design and photography Decor Aid

If you have a fireplace in the living room, probably on the sides of it, as we saw before, you have two holes, or a hole depending on how you have made the fireplace and the size it occupies and the draft. In that case, some shelves, as we see above these lines, are always appropriate to fill that gap with style and practicality.

Actually, there are thousands of other ideas for putting shelves in living room spaces. These are just some examples, so you can see that by adding shelves, you can always improve that gap.

Now let’s look at the bedrooms.

Ideas to put shelves or shelves in the spaces of the bedrooms

In the bedrooms, many times due to the built-in wardrobes we find holes that we do not know what to do with them.

I say built-in closet because it is usually the main cause, but there may be a gap for any other structural reason in the room.

These holes offer us a storage space, I am not saying extra because it is a piece that was already there, but almost extra storage space, for example, a shelf, display cabinet, desk, improvised shoe rack …

Bruguer Photography

Again, in this styling set by Bruguer where we see its Palo de Rosa color applied in the bedroom, we also see how the bed has been placed in the center, leaving two holes on the sides that have been intervened with shelves painted the same color than the plinth of the wall, taking advantage of these holes perfectly.

All of LUFE Furniture

In this set of Lufe Furniture that some of its pieces present, we see a hole under the window sill, which has been used wonderfully instead of shelves, to put a trunk that offers storage space. A great idea to take advantage of those dead holes in the bedroom.

Interior Decor Aid

Take a look at the window in this other bedroom, as an open bookcase has been placed next to it, taking advantage of the width of the mochette that lines the structural pillar. It has not “eaten hole” in the bedroom, but taking advantage of it, you have gained storage space by installing a shelf.

It could also have been floating or suspended shelves. The case is to fill the gaps with shelves of the appropriate size for that gap.

These are just some ideas and examples of how to take advantage of the gaps in a bedroom with shelves or shelves, if you search the net you will find many more examples and ideas.

Take advantage of the gaps with shelves in children’s rooms

If we have a children’s room in our home, and there is a hole in it, in no way can it be misused.

Children’s rooms, if you are parents, you will know the importance of storage spaces to store all kinds of junk such as toys, books, stuffed animals, soccer balls, dolls and hundreds of other items that are always lying around and scattered throughout the room .

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Therefore, not making good use of that gap should be considered a crime.

Design and photography Chris Loves Julia | Instagram @Chrislovesjulia

In this bedroom made by Chris Loves Julia we see how the work bunk beds have been made and the resulting gap has been used to add some shelves and storage space below, all work.

When the elements are built on site, we can make the most of every corner of the bedroom.

Photography Evgezmesi

Look at the mainstay of this bedroom, how bad it is for the location of the beds and others, but it has been intelligently used by creating a desk with a custom table, and custom shelves on top, and it has become a dead space in a well-used space.

Design by Diana White Interiors

In this other children’s bedroom, the gap from the wall to the window has been used to install an open-work shelf, optimizing the space in the bedroom and achieving a very valuable storage space for these spaces.

It is not necessary to do work, if you have a similar hole, you can take advantage of it by putting a shelf that keeps those measurements if you find it, or floating shelves.

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Take advantage of the gaps with shelves in the kitchen

The kitchen is another one of those places in which we cannot waste any space, well, actually, nowhere in the house should any space be wasted, but in kitchens and toilets they are usually the smallest but most used spaces within a house, so you have to take advantage of every last centimeter, whatever it may be.

Photography Casa Saviesa

It is a large kitchen, that is why it has “left over” space. Even so, it has been used wonderfully by adding suspended shelves that can be used to decorate or store all kinds of items, in addition to filling in that dead space that sometimes you do not know what to do with it.

In this other kitchen we see how they have left a space without cabinets to add shelves. The fact is that it is hollow, it could have been filled with cabinets too, but to make it lighter it has been left without them. Of course, well used with some shelves.

Do you have an empty or “dead” hole in the kitchen? Fill it with shelves. Do not complicate yourself.

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Take advantage of the gaps with shelves in the bathrooms and toilets

The same thing happens in the bathrooms as with the kitchens, they are the smallest spaces in the houses, and for this reason it is necessary to take advantage of the gaps in any case.

Photography A Shade of Teal Instagram @katy_ashadeofteal

Above the toilet it is usually free of elements. If you do not have a space in the bathroom, it would be a waste not to take advantage of that space to gain storage space, either with some shelves, as we see above these lines, or with a bathroom cabinet suspended above the toilet.

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Photography and Design by Roots and Wings Furniture

Even above the bathtub, if it does not prevent you from accessing it, those “dead” walls can be used by putting shelves or cabinets and creating a valuable space to store and store bathroom objects.

Design and photography Prosto W Szarosci

If you have a built-in countertop, you can raise the wall of the countertop to the top and leave the wall without a gap, or leave the gap and take advantage of it to install some practical and decorative shelves in the bathroom.

If you need more ideas for the bathroom, you can see these other solutions to store towels and other items in a very small bathroom.

Anyway, after seeing all these ideas to take advantage of the spaces in the house, what I want to be clear to you, although they can be used in many other ways, is that with shelves, always, or at least almost always , you are going to improve that gap and you are going to optimize it.

If you have been wanting more, you can see these other ideas to decorate holes and dead corners at home.


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