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4 de November de 2020 by Katie

Sometimes we paint the house giving a new and fresh touch to the environment, but there is something about the walls that is still missing and that is out of tune with the new look. This is usually the old switches. If we do not know about electricity, what we usually do is leave them …

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When the wall is completely smooth, without sockets, light boxes, windows or doors, the wallpaper is easy to put on, but most of the time, all the walls that we are going to wallpaper will have an obstacle of this type. It is relatively easy to solve, and for this, here you can see how …

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Normally we usually have the home switches of a simple model and we do not worry much about its appearance since we only see it as a mechanism that has a function and little else, but with a simple change we can transform those switches into some very decorative touches. subtle but with great impact, …

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