Quartz Countertops For Our Kitchens: A Good Choice • Your Inspiration For Your Home

Quartz countertops are the ideal choice for anyone who demands a modern countertop. This type of countertop offers a very high level of versatility due to its design, hygiene and appearance.

Silestone countertops are a composite. To a large extent that compound is made of quartz, the other supplements are chemical compounds that offer bacterial resistance. It is this unique blend that makes Silestone countertops.

Why is quartz used? Because it is a natural material that is found almost everywhere and is known for two particular features that are very relevant to kitchen countertops. One of them is that it is a really hard and resistant material, and the other is because of its brilliant and spectacular appearance.

What makes Silestone countertops special is that the quartz is integrated into Microban, which is an antibacterial technology, which leaves a durable finish, beautiful to look at, and with a much higher level of hygiene compared to any other. surface. It is made shock and scratch proof, that way you will have the countertop as the first day.

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