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3 de October de 2020 by Katie

Sometimes we have the problem that we have to remove a radiator, for example when we are going to paint in another color or if we want to put wallpaper among other reasons. Removing a radiator is very simple, you only need a large adjustable wrench or spanner and a basin to drain the water. …

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Now that winter is coming and we are starting to use the heating more, it seems that we are paying more attention to the radiators and their appearance even though they are there all year without moving. Like it or not, radiators are part of the decoration, and they must be kept in good condition. …

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Surely when reading the title of the entry you had imagined a radiator pouring dirt or something similar, but no. The title of the entry could not be more correct: a very pig radiator. And it is a authentic radiator but with the shape of a pig very original and funny even with his curly …

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