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Lately the custom of renovating a kitchen without works, is gaining popularity and is becoming a great economic alternative. It is not for less. And, among the different resources to renovate the kitchen without doing any works, along with the ultra versatile paint, they are also the decorative vinyl, one of the most effective elements to transform any surface, be it cabinets, fronts or kitchen furniture.

In this sense, the Spanish firm LokoLoko has some adhesive vinyls that have really surprised me because of how realistic their printing is and because of the number of different designs available, many of which, we are going to know right now.

It should be noted that these vinyls are suitable for any smooth surface, but I wanted to focus on the renovation of the kitchen, since, for a small investment, both financial and physical, you can achieve a spectacular finish, and transform the kitchen completely. Let’s see those decorative vinyl to decorate kitchen furniture.

Tile imitation

From hydraulic tiles from the modernist era to geometric designs, going through a wide range of different designs. If we like this trend of go-go tiles, we can find real gems in the form of decorative vinyl.

Fantastic gradients

One of the most attractive techniques, but also more complicated to perform by inexperienced hands with paint, now we can enjoy it without the need for great decorative feats.

Wood imitation

If our thing is wood, we are in luck because here the variety is well served. From traditional woods such as oak, to more exotic finishes, such as weathered wood or Nordic woods, through geometric designs in wood; even vinyl with wood texture and vinyl finished according to the layout of the slats, such as the famous parquet punta Hungary.

Plain colors

If we want to simply change the color of the kitchen furniture, as if we were applying a couple of coats of paint, but without having to sand, caulk, prime, clean and paint, they also have a range of plain, simply precious vinyls.

Color Block

Surely the concept of color block sounds familiar to you. That technique that consists of combining colors, creating bold and striking contrasts to create a very attractive whole, which deserves a separate mention.

Different imitations

In addition to wood, we also find these vinyls imitating other materials such as the popular terrazzo today, worn tiles or another material in vogue, concrete, of which we saw an article the other day with 5 ways to imitate concrete to decorate the walls .

They are an effective and simple, as well as relatively inexpensive way to renovate a kitchen. From the walls, to the furniture, and, why not, also the appliances.

See all vinyls in: LokoLokoShop

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