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I love this section, it is one of my favorites, since when searching decorating ideas with recycled items to bring them to you I find impressive, charming and very original things, like this another way to give a second life to some old suitcases. And best of all, the older the suitcases the better.

So since we almost certainly all have a grandmother, aunt, uncle, mother or father who keeps in some dark and forgotten corner some precious old suitcases that are no longer used for anything other than accumulating dust, we are in luck if we want to carry this idea out.

The idea is a beautiful way to decorate the walls of the houseIn addition to being decorative, it is a very practical idea since we are going to fill the wall with shelves in which to place decorative objects and other accessories.

In this case, the owner of said suitcases, first cut them in half or a little less, here the size does not matter, being this chosen to our needs, so each one of us cut the suitcases where it suits him best.

Then, once the suitcases are cut, some wooden planks are cut that fit into the hollow of the suitcase. These planks are fixed on the wall using screws, and then it only remains to fit the suitcase on its plank so that it is firmly attached.

To see more details of how they have turned some old suitcases into shelvesYou can visit the author’s blog here.

Photos: Redhenhome


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