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Do you want to rent your apartment, house, home with security and payment guarantees and without any headaches, knowing that your apartment, your beloved house, is in good hands?

So, like me, you are interested in knowing Safe Rental. The pioneering private company specialized in the protection of owners that offers us a rental protected with guarantees.

And it is that it is necessary to be protected, since the delinquency in the rents of houses grew in 2015 an 8.49%.

Renting your apartment or home today is like a Russian roulette: There are decent tenants, with whom there is no problem in charging or in other aspects, but there is always the possibility that the tenant is a defaulter; And that in the best case.

And I’m not saying this from someone else’s experience, that I also know several cases, but from my own experience renting my apartment and going through a few months of absolute ordeal. Naturally, one learns from mistakes and is willing not to spend 4 months without charging the rent of my apartment, as well as end up taking care of the gas, electricity and water bills, for the delinquent tenant I looked for solutions to never have to go through this situation again; Whatever the solution, he needed guarantees that he would collect the rent every month, and that when the tenant left the apartment, he would be debt-free and in perfect condition, just as he found it; And that’s when I found the Insurance Rental company.

Safe rental is a company that guarantees us a protected rental through an innovative management system and preventive measures that avoid the tenant’s monthly default.

How do they do that?

Basically, in order not to go into many technicalities, what they do is search through a solvency and viability analysis to the tenant who can guarantee the monthly payment for the rent. In addition, they check the different delinquency files, such as the ASNEF, Experian or the Delinquent Tenant File (FIM).

Once they have found a reliable tenant, and as I said before, with guarantees, they draw up the rental contract. Yes, so that we do not have to do it ourselves or go to a manager.

But for me, the best thing is not that they draw up the rental contract, but that, knowing how they know the future tenant, me as a landlord and of course, the house that I am going to rent, the contract is drawn up by lawyers who are experts in the Urban Leasing Law, with the clauses established by law, explaining, in a clear and decisive way, both the rights of my tenant, as well as mine, so that later there are no doubts or eternal and harmful legal gaps. That is, they make things clear from the beginning, with the law in hand.

Another of the characteristics of Rent insurance that I have loved is that, with my prior permission, they can manage some incidents, even sign for me, when necessary. I live in Alicante, but my apartment is in Madrid, so I have had to travel to Madrid sometime just to sign a damn little piece of paper. Not now. Now, luckily, they manage it for me.

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In addition, although I have not had to make many efforts to rent my apartment, since there has always been someone who has wanted to rent it, they also have a real estate photo book, with a specialized manager who is in charge of promoting the home. As I say, I have never had a problem renting it, but if it is costing you, they can give you the push you need.

I hope that Rent insurance brings you as much peace as it has brought me, and that renting and especially collecting your monthly rent, is normal, and unfortunately not extraordinary.

Did you know about Safe Rental? What measures do you take to safely rent your home? I read you in the comments.

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