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15 de October de 2020 by Katie

Since approximately in the middle of the century the pink baths reached their greatest popularity, with houses being built with heavy pastelo-go-go tiling, not so much pink expression has been seen in a bathroom, except in recent years, where it has returned to acquire a great decorative role. Although unlike those old nostalgic bathrooms that …

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Located in Manhattan, is one of the most curious and unique restaurants, very fashionable in recent years: Pietro NoLita restaurant, in which everything, from the decoration of the walls, to the furniture, to the menu and tableware , they are pink. The Italian food restaurant was founded by two former Dolce & Gabbana workers, Pietro …

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You have to be careful when choosing a pink kitchen because if the color is not well managed or it is not combined correctly with the rest of the colors and materials, the result can look like a play kitchen, without style, even extravagant. But when pink is combined with thoughtful design and the right …

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