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Do you remember the fury that horse shampoo caused a few years ago and its infinite supposed qualities for our hair? Well, now the fashion of how to wash your hair without using shampoo, called as I mentioned in the title “No-poo” (no shampoo). Something with which we can save.

This alternative technique, more and more frequent in the world of “celebrity”. It consists of using natural products such as rice, baking soda, or apple cider vinegar to wash hair, which, according to their consumers, these alternative elements wash to perfection without the need to resort to conventional shampoos, which generates savings at home in addition to collaborating with the environment by avoiding chemical compounds.

Within the “no-poo” movement there are two options, the strictest of this practice advise washing the hair only with water until our scalp is regulated by itself, they ensure that over time, fat-free hair is achieved. The downside is that you need extreme water quality, like a spring for example, something difficult to find today. In my opinion, I highly doubt that the grease and dirt from the hair are simply removed with water, just thinking about the process of regulating the PH already throws me back.

The other option is to wash your hair dry, making a homemade shampoo with the natural elements that I mentioned before: rice, baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

Next, I briefly explain how to make a homemade dry shampoo.

  • Dry shampoo made with rice:

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We crush the rice grains until they become a fine powder, we sift it so that there are no lumps (if this is too complicated, rice flour can also be used instead) and with the help of a brush (and with great patience) we will spread this mass of fine powder on the root of our scalp. Let it act for a few minutes and then brush the hair until the white powder is removed. We can also help ourselves with a dryer to remove it completely.

  • Dry shampoo made with bicarbonate and apple cider vinegar:

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In a 500ml bottle. of water, dilute two tablespoons of baking soda and proceed to wash the hair as if we were doing it with shampoo. Then we rinse with normal water, and then we add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the rest of the lotion. We rinse again with water and that’s it. They also indicate that, if the hair is too rough, we can apply coconut oil while it is still wet as a conditioner.

I must admit that this last option does not displease me at all, since they are all natural components, although honestly, if I decided to do it because my hair needs an improvement, or because I simply want to save on shampoos and water, the first thing I would do It would be to go to a dermatologist doctor and be well informed about this type of benefits (or drawbacks) for my hair, since the opinion of the experts is never too much.

And you? Do you think the “No-poo” is it a real technique that works or a fad? Do you have any experiences that you want to share? I hear you!

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