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The international design and innovation office and the CRA- Carlo Ratti Associati studio are going to present in Milan this April 16, 2018, at Milan Design Week, Scrbit, a small robot capable of turning any wall into a blank canvas to draw and write anything we want to print on it.

Scribit is a small intelligent writing robot that allows us to customize a wall or vertical parameter, regardless of how it is covered, be it plaster, glass or blackboard, whatever content we want. It only has to be a smooth surface, so that the robot does its “magic” and we can decorate it with any content we imagine.

It may seem, at first, that a technology capable of doing this must be very complex to install and perhaps also large, but nothing further. As we can see in the images, it seems that Scribit is a small instrument that, according to Carlo Ratti, it is installed in less than five minutes, for which it only needs two nails and a power plug.

Once plugged in, thanks to the built-in motors, the robot draws or erases at will, capturing images, documents, photos, drawings, patterns, or any other element that we want.

In addition, Scribit is connected to the web, which allows us to download any content from the Internet, through it, so that you can immediately start drawing it: Notes, messages, images, graphics, etc. All you have to do is receive the information for it to reproduce it on the wall.

Although we are interested in decoration and interior design and the advantages that Scribit can bring us in this regard, it should also be noted that thanks to its operation, this robot opens up a huge world of practical applications for other businesses, like printing the menu of a restaurant on a wall or blackboard, in a stylized and original way or projecting data, graphics and sketches in an office or study, as well as many other useful applications for other companies, beyond decoration.

To put it on the market, after the presentation in Milan, a crowdfunding campaign will be opened to finance the project. If everything goes well, and it does not fall on deaf ears like many other projects of this type, we will soon be able to decorate the walls with any drawing or design that we want without the need for vinyl or wallpapers. We’ll be alert.

Photos and information: Carlo Ratti

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