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Seven suites, with seven different designs and a hotel to rule them all. It seemed like a funny way to start this post in which we bring you the extravagant and surprising decoration of the 7 suites of the hotel Seven (hence its name) located in Paris. A 5-star hotel in the very heart of the old center of Paris.

This hotel only has 4 luxury rooms and 7 suites, but they are not normal rooms. Each one is themed in a surprising and unique way. We can sleep in the room of James Bond, Alice in Wonderland or in the castle of Versailles if we choose the room of Marie Antoinette among its most popular.

The Seven hotel suite called 007 you can already imagine how it is themed. It would be the hotel room in which James Bond would stay. How could it be otherwise, this suite is exquisite, elegant and sophisticated luxury. As I said before, this suite, with that name, could not be otherwise.

The Alice room inspired by the famous novel Alice in Wonderland. True to its style we find a luxury suite that transports us to Wonderland. A cat pillow, a rabbit on the wall, a velvet armchair, a wall full of wall clocks… Originality and luxury!

The Black Diamond suite. Another luxury suite that places us in the middle of a gigantic black diamond. Extravagant decor with glossy black walls as well as furniture and other accessories.

The Levitation Suite. A futuristic room that features a bed suspended in the air as if it were levitated, transparent shower walls and fiber optics.

The Lovez Vous Suite with a luxurious decoration and everything you need to spend an unforgettable night in every way. It has a suspended bed, terrace with a Jacuzzi for two, long flat televisions, a bioethanol fireplace and other luxuries within a designer space.

The On / Off suite. A spectacular room with a more than amazing decoration. Its name is due to the fact that the lighting of the suite depends (off or on), it shows differently decorated walls.

The Marie Antoinette suite. Inspired by the castle of Versailles, in this luxury hotel suite we immerse ourselves in a romantic world with a huge and elegant four-poster divan bed, painted frescoes on the walls and stars on the ceiling, a huge comfortable and glamorous sofa, all of it to make us feel like princes or princesses inside a castle.

The Sublime suite, immaculately white, it has a three-dimensional decoration on the walls that will make us feel in a kind of dream. Of course it has all the luxuries of a luxury hotel suite.

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