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On other occasions we showed you radiator covers to cover the radiators and decorate them. Today we bring you something more practical and easy to use but that also helps us protect the radiator and decorate our house. These are shelves or shelves for radiators. The system is very simple, it is a wooden shelf with aluminum legs that are inserted between the radiator and the wall without the need to drill holes or use any glue.

The shelf is available in three colors, white, gray and wenge, so surely one of these colors will match your décor.

These shelves are full of advantages, in addition to hiding the upper part of the radiator, they protect it from dust, we all know the accumulation of dust that is made behind the radiators. And they also help us transform a simple radiator into a decorative shelf, in which we can put a vase, or any decorative object that we want. We have found these shelves at Venca Hogar.


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