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Shower enclosures are a great decorative and practical option for a modern bathroom, they are efficient in their task and visually light, in addition, due to the wide variety of designs available, we can install one in any bathroom. But first, before choosing, we must be clear about the characteristics of our bath and shower, to choose the right screen; location, available space, cleanliness, aesthetics and some other concepts. Once these questions are clear, we can now choose the screen that best suits our demands, and here another problem may arise, which one to choose? To facilitate that task as much as possible, today we have prepared an article with the different partition options available there, let’s see them.

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The most appropriate screens for small bathrooms are the fixed models combined with sliding and folding models.. The first, the fixed partitions, as we see in the image on the left, perfectly protect the rest of the bathroom from splashes and offer an angular opening, which allows us to place the shower in any corner, making us maximize the bathroom space . The other option, the folding models (the image on the right), are another good solution, since they do not need extra space to open the doors, using only the space of the shower, and the entrance opening is practically as wide than shower.

If the bathroom is of a medium or large size and we can place practically any shower and screen, we must choose one that facilitates as much as possible a comfortable and safe entry and exit of the shower and that fulfills its purpose as well as possible, it is say, that its tightness is excellent. In this case, we find several types of partitions that meet these requirements; On the one hand we have the partitions with hinged or folding doors.

The hinged or folding partitions They offer more space for entering or exiting the shower and are effective in protecting the bathroom from water. But these screens have a small drawback if the bathroom is small, and that is that the doors need extra space to open since they usually open to the outside. But taking this issue into account, there are already manufacturers who have chosen to manufacture folding partitions with inward opening systems, as we see in the image at the bottom of these lines.

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Another highly recommended option due to its characteristics are the sliding partitions. These do not require extra space to open the doors. In addition, its installation is quick and easy since it is only a guide by which, by means of bearings, the doors slide.

Sliding screen

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Another type of screen that we must take into account are the fixed partitions. A fixed glass wall is really practical, because you do not have to do anything other than enter the shower, without opening, without closing, entering and leaving. Here we can see an example.

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And if the bathroom is spacious and space is not a problem, we have at our disposal the walk-in screens, like the one we see in the image above. And it is not only a great solution for its functionality, but for its elegant and modern aesthetic side. This type of partitions is a tempered glass panel, like all partitions glass, placed in such a way that the entrance to the shower is from the sides without any obstacles or doors to open or close.

And you, what type of shower screen do you like the most?


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