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We bring you a collection of bathroom sinks with an innovative design. The first is from the Disegno Cerámica brand, and is from their Splash collection, it has a groundbreaking and lively design, it is available in various colors.

This other washbasin has been designed by the company CDB Vidrio, its design imitates water spilling. Very innovative and shocking.

The third washbasin that we show you may not be very practical, but its style is totally avant-garde and with a very Zen design. It is the Origen washbasin.

It has a stone-shaped stopper at the top that when you lift it, water comes out and slides through a small zigzag path, until it reaches the sink. If you want the water to accumulate, it has another stone-shaped plug to block the water outlet and be able to wash yourself.

Another basin with a very original design is the Martini basin, just by looking at it, you know why it’s called a martini basin.

This other one is the Foglio washbasin, it is a washbasin that imitates the shape of a sheet of paper, it is a design with a very fine and very elegant line.

Next up is the Ripples Ball, it’s a smart and very futuristic sink. It has a ball that is placed on an electromagnetic surface, and as you move the ball, more or less water leaves, and also depending on which way you move it, the water comes out at one temperature or another.

If the water comes out hot, the entire tap lights up red to give a greater sensation of hot water, and if the water comes out cold, the tap lights up blue to create the opposite effect.

Via: Odde


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