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18 de November de 2020 by Katie

Today we bring you some sofas with their own style and original at least. To create them, British artist Richard Woods and designer Sebastian Wrong have teamed up. It is a set of sofas that is made up of a 2-seater sofa and two individual armchairs with a footrest. They are not suitable for all …

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Today we want to present you Aquaclean® Technology, a revolutionary technique to treat tissues that allows you to clean stains with just a little water. Unlike other liquid repellants, Aquaclean not only repels, but also acts as facilitator cleaning stains, greatly simplifying the process. Don’t worry about stains, all of them! Aquaclean is so effective …

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If when you sit on your sofa your knees come together with your chest so deep it is, it is time to fix it, but of course, it is not cheap to take a sofa to have it disassembled and fixed but if not it is very serious you can do it yourself: here you …

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It must be recognized that although classic furniture Their sinuous curves seem to us to say it somehow old and we do not know how to fit them in our houses today, it is these pieces of furniture that make the most impression. Perhaps it is because of the aura that permeates them, evoking memories …

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Long ago I discovered these so cool and fun sofa blankets, but since it was summer, I thought the article was not going to have much acceptance; So, I bookmarked the page where they sell them, for when the right time arrives, I will show you these original blankets, with beautiful messages. And, as it …

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