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Despite how much technology has advanced since Galileo Galilei observed the moon with his telescope until today, astronomy lovers will not be satisfied until we can contemplate with our own eyes the wonders of the universe, and how we know that this is not We are going to be able to do it now, we fill our lives with all kinds of objects that make us feel a little closer.

Applications, telescopes, images, documentaries, books, anything goes. So today, walking around the net, I decided to look for articles on space home decor, and I have compiled a good collection of galactic items to decorate the house.

If you like any of them, you will like all of them, below each image you have a link to see more details or buy it directly.

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Space bedding. Nothing better than sleeping under a thick and exotic blanket of stars.

Space cushions. Galaxies, planets, constellations, beautiful and mysterious elements to decorate the house embodied in cushions.

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We can also decorate the bathroom with the universe as a background theme. Look at what special and special curtains.

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Speaking of decoration, we could not not bring decorative vinyl and space wall murals.

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With these four decorative accessories, in addition to everything we already collect, we can get a little closer to the mysterious and beautiful universe, decorating our house in a very spatial way, don’t you think?

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