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The stencil technique is none other than decorating with stencils. Also called stencil technique. It is a very simple technique and with a single drawing you can radically change any corner.

You can make the template yourself, or you can buy it with ready-made designs.

The advantage of doing it yourself is that you can make the drawing you want, the name of your children, a special drawing for each corner of the house, etc. And it is very simple you only need a cardboard and a pair of scissors or a knife.

To put the template, we will stick it to the wall in the place we want with masking tape and we will paint with a sponge or thick brush without getting too wet so as not to leave too much load and that the paint can drain.

You can even make a border around a room with a template.

It will surely take more than one coat of paint. The stencil is then removed after we give it the finishing coat, before the paint runs dry.

This technique can also be applied to furniture, but instead of doing it with plastic paint like on the wall, on furniture it is better to do it with synthetic enamel, water-based or solvent-based.

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