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Stencils are a decorative element with which we can give a lot of play to our home, whether large, small or painted in one color or another. It does not matter, with so many models of templates, we are sure that we will find the one that best suits our decorative needs.

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There are all kinds of them and even customizable, to give it that touch that you were looking for in your home.


The application of the templates is very simple. They come in adhesive plastic sheets for you to stick to the wall.

Once glued, with a sponge we wet the paint and drain the sponge so that it does not have a lot of paint load. We begin to paint the stencil attached to the wall, little by little, slowly, without squeezing the sponge too much so that the paint does not spill, even if we have to give it several coats.

If after the first coat of paint it has not been completely covered, let it dry and reapply more paint and again let it dry, once dry, we remove the stencil very slowly, so that the paint does not lift from the wall and voila, we already have the template painted.

We save the plastic sheets of the template to reuse them if necessary.

Here are some template photos.


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