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The creation of preserved objects to take care of the environment always seems to us a very important and fascinating topic to be discussed, since in recent decades it has been considered a highly demanded job and let’s say that, luckily for everyone, the eco-invention “is in fashion”.

But when these ecological inventions, apart from embodying their main purpose by being careful with the environment, they use the laws of physics and also play an important role in the interior designIt is when our eyes are chiribitas and we feel the need to cheer on this phenomenon. Then you will understand why.

Simin qiu, a student at the Royal College of Art, has designed a minimalist expression ecological faucet that uses the laws of physics to save water called “Swirl” which in Spanish means “whirlpool”.

As its creator quotes, it is a very simple design. As you can see in the image, Qiu has managed to channel the water through striking and elegant geometric patterns of spirals and swirls inspired by nature, using two turbines to create this effect, one directed in a clockwise direction and the other in the opposite direction.

The jet of water, falling in a swirl, not flowing in a continuous line, is much softer and more pleasant to the touch. The tap works by pressing the top button, allowing the water to flow at a preset temperature and with the same pressure as a standard tap, but using less water. According to Qiu, with this tap saves 15% of water.

As expected, Simin Qiu with his design of the ecological tap “Swirl” has received the iF Awards Special Haier Award and he intends to start commercializing his design on a massive scale later this year.

For the moment, regarding the price issue, we will have to wait for its launch, but as quoted by Qiu in some interviews, he says that “Swirl is a luxury item and it will not be available to everyone. Probably, its distribution will be effective in hotels and very “limited” homes.

From Mil Ideas, we will wait impatiently for such an event, while, we will cross our fingers that in the not too distant future, the “eco-inventions” with modern minimalist design like this one, they can reach any home without costing us a kidney. Time to time.

More information | Behance.


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