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14 de November de 2020 by Katie

With the arrival of good weather, some of them go to the beach and others to the mountains, and for the latter, eating or having a picnic on a pleasant lawn in a picnic plan must be a pleasure. But of course that can only be during the summer, because during the winter a few …

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Categories Blog Tags Grass, Table Leave a comment 13 de November de 2020 by Katie

Today, combine chairs and dining table It is easier than ever, since what is worn, what is styled, is the contrast between the style of the table and the chairs, even adding different chairs around the same table. This does not mean that you cannot add chairs of the same style to the table, far …

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Categories Blog Tags Chair, Table Leave a comment 11 de November de 2020 by Katie

It must be because of the reduced spaces of today’s flats that designers increasingly make furniture more functional and practical. Now more than ever we find furniture that is transformed into others with a couple of movements such as sofa beds, sofa bunk beds and other similar furniture. Even dining tables that transform into pool …

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