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Sometimes with a simple tablecloth we can give a different air to the whole kitchen or living room, no major renovations or having to paint are necessary, we already know what annoys. Many times we forget a great asset that we have to decorate, textiles. Yes, with them it is very easy to color any place, and create different environments.

They are very practical decorative accessories. They are used to decorate, to filter the light and create warm environments like curtains do, to decorate a table like napkins and tablecloths do, to protect us from the cold and also to decorate our bedroom, such as duvets, quilts and bedspreads for the bed and a long etc.

Today we bring you a collection of tablecloths, simple but with a lot of play, and at a really fabulous price. If you like any of them, below each photo you have a link to see more details of that textile piece in question.

7-piece table linen set

It is an individual set that consists of 7 pieces each set, which are, 1 individual tablecloth, 4 cutlery, 1 napkin and 1 very original napkin holder. They are available in 4 colors: Fuchsia, Orange, Green and Blue. They are ideal to give color and joy to your kitchen.

Anti-stain tablecloth

It is an elegant and practical tablecloth, available in two colors: pistachio green, a very cheerful and summery color, and dark brown, a very elegant color. It is also available for a round or square table. In addition, thanks to its waterproof surface, it repels all types of liquids, avoiding any stain and promoting cleaning.

Checkered tablecloth combined with table runners

A nice tablecloth, elegant, fresh and light. 100% cotton, plaid, combined with pistachio green table runner to decorate the kitchen. The paths can be put in the color you want, green, white, red …

Printed tablecloth with fruit design

This is a typical kitchen tablecloth, printed with very fresh fruit designs for summer. Available in three colors: Blue, orange and green, without a doubt the most refreshing and cheerful tablecloth of all.

Tablecloth with crinkled finish

Originality in abundance on your table with this practical tablecloth with a wrinkled finish. It is 100% acrylic, with all the advantages of quick drying and best of all, it does not need an iron.

Linen tablecloth combined with table runners

Another very elegant tablecloth, this one in brown. It is linen, which dresses the table with a touch of smooth elegance. And if we combine it with the table runners the result is fabulous.

Reversible placemats

Set of colorful reversible placemats to decorate and bring joy to the table.

As you can see, if we use a textile accessory as simple as a tablecloth, we can give our kitchen another renewed air, or create an elegant atmosphere at a dinner. They are very practical decorative elements with great power to decorate. We have found these textiles at Venca Hogar.


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