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The texturglas is a fiber coating for interior or exteriorIt is similar to a fabric, which gives texture to the walls, it is available in various textures to choose depending on what we are looking for, and they sell it by the meter or by rolls of 1 meter wide for the length we want, always in white. . Texturlgas, apart from giving texture to the walls, reinforces them and eliminates any possibility of cracks in them..

How to put textures step by step:

-You give two coats of alkil to the wall or walls to put the texturglas, and let it dry.

-We measure the height of the wall, place the plumb line and with a pencil we mark a vertical line and then place the paper on that line so that it is straight.

-We cut a strip of texturglas about 10 centimeters longer than the height of the wall.

-On a table or on the previously wallpapered floor, we spread the strip of texturglas and glue it with special glue.

-We let the glue act for 5 minutes or so.

-We take the strip of texturglas and fold it on itself, so that when we take it to put it on the wall, the bottom part of the strip does not touch the ground and does not stain.

-With the strip of texturglas caught by two corners we put it on the wall that we had previously taken measurements with the plumb line, we glue the top part, we unfold it and we glue the bottom part.

-With a plastic spatula we remove all the glue and air bubbles that may have remained and eliminate all wrinkles from the strip, thus remaining perfectly glued and smooth. We glue another strip and do the same again until the entire wall or walls are completely covered. With a sponge we can remove the excess glue between strip and strip. We let it dry for about 12 hours.

Once the Texturglas is put on, we can paint over it with whatever paint we want, enamel, plastic paint, polyurethane, etc.


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