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I’m not sure, but this artist may have found a way to unseat the popular macrame tapestries so widely used these days. As I say, I’m not sure about it, but what I am convinced of is that these works of art made with threads are going to captivate you.

The person in charge is Tammy Kanat, an Australian artist who creates art on a large scale to decorate the walls with a kind of oval tapestry made by hand with plush and wool threads of different thicknesses, usually in earth tones and other colors of nature, to thus achieve pieces with textures and dimension.

Like the genius Gaudí, the artist is also inspired by the organic forms observed in nature, such as the cross sections of large tree trunks, or geological formations such as agate to make her impressive tapestries of thread.

In each of its tapestries, we see that it is made up of different concentric rings. Each one is represented by a different color, volume and texture, which extends from the center to around the entire round and oval wooden loom, thus defining the different rings, forming an organic whole, like the whimsical shapes that the nature in different elements, such as trees or minerals, for example.

The result is a beautiful and large tapestry to decorate a wall in a big way, creating an exotic focal point that could so fit in a bohemian-style home, where colors and textures dominate the space, as in one of the most exclusive houses and well designed that we can see in AD, to name a magazine.

If these tapestries have captivated you and you want to know more, you can see all her work on her website, or follow her on her Instagram profile.

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