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Since we like decoration and houses, we are going to go directly to see Dawn’s house. We do our thing.

The beautiful house is located in Rio de Janeiro on a private beach of 700 meters and surrounded by extensive vegetation. The house can only be accessed by sea or air. It is a creation of the designer Thiago Bernardes from the Bernardes + Jacobsen firm, which was created in 2001 in Rio de Janeiro as a result of the union between Paulo Jacobsen and Thiago Bernardes.

The design of the house of the saga twilight It is rustic tropical as can be seen in the photographs. The front of the house is built in such a way that the sea breeze hits the house directly. Also right at the front, the house has revolving glass doors to allow the sea breeze to enter throughout the house.

The materials used to decorate the house are natural materials such as wood and its derivatives.

The furniture throughout the house is made of wood of different tones as it could not be otherwise to preserve the rustic tropical style. The walls are painted white and some walls are lined with natural materials. White textiles are another important decoration complement to achieve this decorative style.

The house has 6 bedrooms. This is the main one. A beautiful bedroom consisting mainly of a structure that is made up of a bed in the center lined with wood, on the other side of the bed, a beautiful white sofa and a bathtub on the opposite side of the bed.

The bedroom, like the rest of the house, is lined with wood on both the floor and the ceiling. What little area of ​​plastered walls there is is painted white, just like the textiles that dress the bed and the sofa.

For those who have a lot of money and are twilight saga fansLet them know that the perfect gift exists. And this house is for rent.

The price of House rent is $ 7,000 to $ 15,000 the night depending on the time of year it is rented.

We leave you more photos of the beautiful house where Bella and Edward spend their honeymoon in the movie Breaking Dawn.

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