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Although the iRobot company, creators of the popular Roomba cleaning robot have the go-ahead to manufacture a lawn mowing Roomba, the Japanese company Honda Motors, has already released its own Autonomous lawn mowing robot named Miimo. The Honda Miimo is to grass what the Roomba is to dust on the floor of the house.

He Honda’s autonomous robotic lawnmower, the Miimo, this available in three versions with autonomies ranging from 40 minutes, the most economical version, the HRM 310 model; followed by the intermediate version, the HRM 520, with an autonomy of 70 minutes; followed by the latest version of the Miimo, the HRM 3000 with a 90 minute autonomy and the ability to charge in 45 minutes.

With their 11 kilos of weight, the three versions of Honda’s robotic lawnmowers, they return alone to the charging station when they run out of battery without compacting the grass.

The Miimo can be programmed to start mowing at a specific time by itself.

Another programmable and adjustable feature is that of the cut mode, and that is that the Miimo has 3 ways to cut grass:

Random mode. This mode is designed for cutting large areas of lawns.

Directional mode. This cutting mode is prepared for narrow paths.

Mixed mode. This mode, as its name indicates, combines both modes previously named.

In addition, according to Honda, with the Miimo no more grassing; since the robot uses a blade fan, lifting the grass while cutting it into small particles that, when falling on the grass, act as natural fertilizer, without the need for us to collect the cut grass.

They are similar to Roomba-type vacuum robots, but have greater control of the situation since they monitor everything around them in 360º, finding and saving in this way, any obstacle that comes their way. Thanks to its full control of the terrain, the Miimo is capable of self-adjusting the way it cuts the grass, as required.

The Miimo makes the least noise so as not to disturb the neighbors or ourselves while, for example, we take a nap. In fact, the Japanese company ensures that we can use the mower even at night without disturbing the noise.

Too it is waterproof, so the robot can cut the grass in the middle of a storm, if that is what we want, without fear that it may suffer some damage from the water.

Model 3000 comes with smartphone control thanks to an application that connects with the robot via Bluetooth, as well as equipped with waterproof technology that allows easy washing with a hose.

So that no one else can use our robotic lawnmower, the Miimo comes protected with a unique security code that assures us his most servile obedience, only to us.

All of these great features and specs had to be priced accordingly, and so it is. the price of the robots does not fall below € 2,300.

The price of the Miimo 310 robot, the lowest model, is approximately € 2,300.

The price of the Miimo 520 robot, the intermediate model, is approximately € 2,500.

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The price of the Miimo 3000 robot, the highest model, is approximately € 2,800.

In the following video we can see the Honda Miimo doing its job.

More information: Honda


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