This Christmas Open The Nuts With Retro Style Thanks To The Nutcracker Robot. • Your Inspiration For Your Home

Although walnuts are a very healthy fruit that is eaten throughout the year, it seems that at Christmas, along with nougat, polvorones and marzipan, walnuts also fill the huge tray that they usually have in all the houses in the center of the city. table. At least, every house I go to, both family and friends, there is always the typical tray full of these Christmas “goodies”.

If we also take into account that Christmas is usually an absurd time of gifts without rhyme or reason that we have all accepted without questioning its why. Maybe a good gift for this christmas be an original nutcracker like this retro design robot that, in addition to being very eye-catching, has a very specific function, that of cracking nuts.

It seems to me a very practical gift for Christmas with which you will surely hit that person who every year you don’t know what to give her. The robot is available in two sizes and at two obviously different prices. The Nutcracker Robot The large one is priced at € 31.25 and the smallest at € 18.75. See more details or buy >>


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