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Congratulations to everyone who has a swimming pool at home and can enjoy a cool bath in these hot days in which we are and those that are to come. As you well know, the pool is an element that requires some attention so that it is always ready and ready to bathe. So we have prepared some simple but necessary tips to always have the perfect pool.

If you have not started it yet and it is empty, check that there is nothing broken. If it is tile, we will check that there are none loose, if so, we will repair it. If the pool is made of plastered mortar, we will check that there are no cracks. If they have come out, obviously it is necessary to repair them with pool mortar and mesh so that the crack does not reopen.

Once the pool is fixed, we can proceed to clean it. The best thing to do to clean the pool is salfuman, which is a type of acid, if you prefer another type of acid, ask at specialized cleaning stores. If you have never used salfuman, here you have a small guide and prevention methods to use it. If we want to add some anti-algae (the most recommended), it is now when we have to apply it.

After we have the pool clean and fixed we only have check the treatment plant before filling it, as it is important to check that the pump and filters are in perfect condition as they are responsible for keeping the pool clean.

We already have the pool ready to fill it and once full we can proceed to the security of it. A great idea would be to erect a fence made of wood, metal, or any other material to protect the little ones. We must also control the hygiene of the pool so that it does not cause us problems such as irritating our eyes or another possible problem. And it never hurts to have a good first aid kit filled with everything we need for first aid, and a float is also necessary or very convenient, it is never too much.

Another tip is carry out daily maintenance of the pool, clean the blades and other dirt from the water and the pump to avoid possible problems. And of course add the chlorine with English punctuality to keep the pH of the water between 7.2 and 7.6 at most. And since we are not very experts on this subject, we advise you that if you are not very sure, ask a real professional.

And to save water, let you know (if anyone does not know), it is not necessary to empty the water. Next year it will be started again by cleaning it through various processes that you can learn about here.

Photos: Scubapoolsrepair, Arqhys

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