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I consider myself a person incapable of living without pets, they bring me extreme happiness at any time of the day, and that friends, it is not paid with all the gold in the world. But when you have a pet at home, it generates a fixed expense that we cannot do without, we have to take care of its needs, our furry friends are our responsibility, it is an obligation that we acquire the moment our pet enters House. And as a good saver that I am, I bring you some keys to save money on the cost of our pet.

There are some essential keys to be able to save, as much as possible, in the care of the pet, without endangering their health or body hygiene, some keys that today may be necessary to make ends meet. Then I tell you:

Organize well visits to the vet.

Veterinarians recommend that pets come to the consultation twice a year, but according to a study by the Official College of Veterinarians of Madrid, the average amount of veterinary spending for our pets is € 200 per year. Since these visits are unavoidable and also necessary for the good health of the animal, a good idea is to have an organization in the visits, with which it is recommended to distribute the appointments and make them coincide with the vaccines and deworming, in this way we will avoid consultations unnecessary.

Another requirement for savings and to ensure the good health of the animal is not to skip appointments, since check-ups on time prevent diseases that may cause future expenses.

Choose the food that best suits the value for money.

When we choose our pet’s food, we tend to look at the lowest prices to favor our pocketbook, but this is a mistake, because in addition to not providing the animal with a good diet, it can lead to diseases such as obesity in the future. Being a cheap feed, it makes the animal eat more frequently, because it does not feel satiated.

The ideal is to acquire a feed that of course adapts to our pocket but also adapts to the needs of our pet, there are brands that are not excessively expensive and that provide them with a better and more complete diet.

Another good option is to buy large feed bags, since the more quantity the bag has, the cheaper the kg will cost.

Save on toys by making them at home.

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Pets need things to have fun and, if we develop our creativity a little, we can create toys for them with very little money and using recycled elements, in addition to having a fun time, surely we give a second life to useless objects that were around the house . On the internet you will surely find some DIY or tutorial to make toys for your pets.

Choose durable accessories.

When choosing the beds of our petsWe have to think long term, so it is better to go for a big one from the beginning to avoid double spending when you grow up.

Another option is to make it ourselves, look at the image above, with a suitcase that no longer works for you and a little foam, we can create a very comfortable bed as well as beautiful and original.

Create a piggy bank for unexpected expenses.

Veterinary expenses are par excellence, the worst expenses we bear. Suddenly our pet gets sick and we have to take him to the veterinary clinic, or in the worst case, we have to do it at dawn, which also makes us pay for an emergency service.

In these cases, a good idea would be for the animal to have its own piggy bank, like any child. Imagine, if every week we save € 10 (for putting in a comfortable amount), after a few months we will have enough to have good financial help in the event of any unforeseen event.

Take out pet insurance.

If putting a piggy bank does not convince at all, we can also hire a pet insurance that covers veterinary expenses, there are many companies that also include it in the home multi-risk policy, it is all a matter of getting well informed and seeing which insurance best covers the needs of our pet.

Give them good education to avoid future damage at home.

Something extremely important in a pet is its education. Pets are not babies, we cannot indulge them because we find it funny, because we feel sorry for them or because we are lazy. If we want to save in the future not only money, but annoyance and anger due to damage such as plants, shoes, house furniture and even walls, we must give them a correct education from a very young age. And if you do not know how, I advise you to ask a professional for help, you will use money at the beginning but in the long term it will be profitable.

As you can see, it is not very difficult to save money with our pets Without harming your physical or mental well-being, with a little effort and organization on our part, we are sure we can achieve it.

Do you know of any more tips? Let me know!


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