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Each person has their tastes, to eat, to dress, for their favorite sport, it also happens with the decoration of their house, that some like the classic, others the modern, others prefer the rustic decoration and others prefer a fun decoration and original.

For the latter we bring you some very original decorative alarm clocks, so that you can decorate your bedside table with a fun touch. If you like this type of decoration, you will love these alarm clocks.

Unruly alarm clock Tocky

In this alarm clock you can record your voice messages to wake up in the morning or enter your favorite songs. But what is most striking about this alarm clock is that when the alarm goes off, begins to move and run around the house. If yes, you read correctly, even if you have it on the table, the alarm clock goes off and starts rolling around the house until you turn it off. Thanks to its design and its high-quality silicone protective cover, you don’t have to worry about its physical integrity. It is the ideal alarm clock for lazy people who have trouble getting up, and it is sure to make you wake up in a good mood. It has a nice modern and striking design to decorate your bedside table.

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Crazy alarm clock Crazy CLocky

The same thing happens to this alarm clock as to the other, the moment the alarm goes off it starts running throughout the house until you turn it off. Thanks to its design, it can jump off the furniture and go through any space that is proposed. You can also use it as a normal alarm clock without it moving from the bedside table.

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