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I have always liked having a seat for myself, both at my parents’ house when I was little and in my other houses, even if I have several places to sit, a sofa, armchairs, armchairs … there is always one I don’t know why, which I like more than others and I end up calling it my site, it is my special corner.

Surfing the net looking for one comfortable armchair To acquire soon and make it my special site, I have come across this wonder, because it has no other name, and I have no choice but to upload it to the blog so that you can know it.

I found it in the PortoBello Street store and it is from the collection Vintage British.

The two words in the title of the collection already tell us where the shots will go in terms of the design of the furniture that make up this precious collection. Furniture with vintage air and in the colors of the British flag.

It’s beautiful seat It has a beech wood structure and is upholstered in denim fabric, and the legs have wheels to move it easily.

You can see more details of it in And beneficiaries of a 2% discount by entering the following code: PRT8841CGP


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