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We are here, another Wednesday, with another article on vintage decoration. In this post, in today’s post, we have prepared a collection of precious vintage sideboard furniture for you.

They are of different styles, classic vintage, oriental vintage, rustic vintage, exotic, authentic … but they all share a beauty worthy of a work of art and a design that evokes unique retro sensations. Enjoy them!

Exotic vintage sideboards

With tropical woods, in light colors and with an aged look, these vintage sideboards are accompanied by an exotic air.

Plantation sideboard.

A beautiful vintage sideboard finished in weathered white lacquered wood, with old bronze handles and knobs. A very exotic piece of furniture.

Charme sideboard

Another exotic vintage design sideboard, made of pine wood with a very worn finish.

Sideboard with 4 drawers

Another vintage sideboard model with a very exotic touch, thanks to the dark color of the lacquered Mahogany wood. The top of the cabinet is made of natural wood and has 4 practical drawers.

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Authentic vintage sideboards

With lines and colors that perfectly imitate retro furniture, these vintage sideboards are authentically designed.

British sideboard

A beautiful square sideboard with the British flag, made of poplar wood with copper hardware, from the Vintage British collection.

Louis XV sideboard.

Another vintage sideboard with an authentic design, thanks to the sinuous lines that make up this beautiful piece of furniture. The bright red color with the floral print and the details with old silver, finish creating that feeling of authentic retro furniture.

Provencal sideboard

Crafted from oak wood, this sideboard combines the charm of years ago furniture that was produced and hand-finished by great wood craftsmen with the glamorous innovation of strong colors and finishes.

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Oriental vintage sideboards

Sideboards with designs of classic oriental antique furniture. Tradition and decoration come together to give life to these precious sideboards.

Asia Vintage Sideboard

A sideboard that brings us the design of classic Chinese furniture, but in a certain way updated. It is made of chestnut wood and is from the Vintage Asia furniture collection.

Antique Mongolian Sideboard

This beautiful sideboard is more than 120 years old, it has been recovered by the craftsman Echo Feng to rescue it and offer it to us exclusively as it is a unique piece. There is no other piece of furniture like this in the world.

Chinese sideboard

This little piece of furniture is an exact replica of a classic Chinese sideboard. It is a piece of furniture made by hand in a workshop in Dewei Zhu.

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Classic vintage sideboards

All the beauty of a classic furniture combined with the charm of vintage design in some of the most practical sideboards.

Porto sideboard

A sideboard with a classic and elegant design, but updated with innovative ecological finishes using non-toxic paints and impregnations.

Cassis sideboard

A sideboard furniture finished in white lacquered cherry wood with sinuous curves in its design. Unmistakable classic vintage style.

Lorient sideboard

Like all classic furniture, this sideboard also exudes luxury and glamor thanks to its curves and its final finish. It is made of Mahogany with a DM top.

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Bold vintage sideboards.

If something stands out in the vintage style, it is the combination of colors and daring designs. It is these two elements that make this furniture so special.

Capri Ferrari sideboard

A very daring piece of furniture, in Ferrari red color, with a formula1 from the 60s painted and finished in silver made of lacquered DM wood.

Capri Chams Elysees Sideboard

The same design as the previous piece of furniture, with the same structure but with the triumphal arch painted on its doors.

Botero sideboard

A glamorous sideboard that pays a clear tribute to Fernando Botero with his generous curves and proportions. It is made of cherry wood with a natural finish.

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And so far our Vintage Special this week. Next week we will return with another new article dedicated to this very special decoration. If you want us to talk about something in particular or have any questions, you can leave your suggestion in a comment.

All this furniture is from PortoBello Street. If you like any and want to see more details you can do it here. And if you decide to buy it, you can benefit from a 2% discount in the purchase by entering the following code: PRT8841CGP.


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