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When we have to paint the walls of our house, in addition to the colors and type of paint (plastic), we also have to take into account the paint finish.

There are 4 finishes (there are more, but they can be defined in 4), ranging from dull to high gloss, passing through intermediate finishes, that is: Matte finish, without any shine; satin finish, with some shine; gloss finish; with a lot of shine; lacquered or high gloss finish, which is the highest gloss finish on the market.

We will explore each finish carefully.

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  • Matte finish paint
  • Satin finish paint
  • Glossy finish paint
  • High gloss paint or lacquered

Matte finish paint

Photo Jack Pauhl

The matte finish is the most popular and classic finish out there. This finish offers a deep and silky finish to the eye. By not reflecting light, the walls and colors appear deeper, in some cases almost velvety. This type of finish generally does not support cleaning with water.


This type of paint does not require any special treatment on the walls before painting, except for the standard steps, being the easiest paint to apply on walls. We just need prepare the wall properly, as we have seen in other articles, and paint it. It is the paint that best covers, even today, we can find paint firms such as Titan, among others, that offer paint in a matte finish, which is covered with a single coat.

Satin finish paint

Photo Whindula

This type of finish carries some shine. It is a middle ground between matte finish and gloss. This type of finish reflects more light than the matte finish, making some spaces brighter and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. But it also has its disadvantages, and that is that the flaws and imperfections of the walls, it highlights them more. The satin finish is advisable to apply on smooth walls. In any other finish, such as I dribbledFor example, it will make the drops stand out more. Therefore, if you want hide the gotelé, avoid any paint with a gloss finish and use matte paint.


The application of paints with a satin finish is somewhat more complex than the matte finish. By reflecting the light, it makes, as I said before, the small flaws and imperfections in the wall stand out more; Therefore, when we paint with satin paint, we must repair the walls thoroughly, with putty or the corresponding product in each case, covering every inch, so that the finish is correct.

Glossy finish paint

Photography MScolours

The gloss finish is above the satin finish and the matte in terms of gloss is concerned, obviously. This finish reflects much more light than satin. It offers ostentatious environments and is very good in spaces where you want to highlight the luxury and expand the light, such as in dark corridors for example, as well as it allows cleaning with a damp cloth. The “but” that this finish has is that it is difficult to apply, unless it is by expert hands.

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This type of finish requires a wall in perfect condition. If the satin finish already highlighted the flaws, the gloss finish enhances them even more. Thus, the first step is to leave the perfect smooth walls, without any type of failure. It must be borne in mind that the minimum failure in the virgin walls will later be highlighted when we apply the paint.

For its application, it should be done between two people. While one applies paint to the wall with a roller, the other goes behind, with the dry roller, crushing the paint that the first person has already applied. With this we managed to create a uniformity that, if not achieved, would be like bursts on the wall.

As I say, this paint requires a thorough application. Crush and perfectly spread the paint without leaving the trace of the roller.

Regarding the colors, if we are going to paint with a strong color such as red, in a gloss finish, it is essential to prime it first, in red. We can apply the same shade of paint but in a matte finish. If we do not apply a primer of the same color but in matte, it may be necessary to give it up to 10 coats so that the gloss paint finishes covering. This paint covers fatally, it practically does not and, taking into account that you have to crush and spread the paint a lot, the work would be titanic if we had not applied a primer or background of the same color before.

With a previously applied background, two coats of gloss paint will be enough.

Before painting with the gloss paint on the background, we must sand the background so that there are no imperfections or marks.

As we can see, applying gloss paint to smooth walls is a task that takes a lot of work. If not, the result would not be acceptable.

Lacquered walls

Photo courtesy of the company Decoration and paintings JS

The lacquered finish is the one that leaves the most shine of all. When we hear the term lacquered walls or surfaces, they are referring to this finish and, if they are not referring to it, they are wrong; in other words, a wall with a gloss finish is not a lacquered wall, it is a wall with a gloss finish. A lacquered wall, as its name suggests, is a wall to which lacquer has been applied; one-component, nitrocellulose, or two-component: lacquer + catalyst or drying agent.


This type of finish is recommended to be applied by a professional, since the best result is obtained when applied by spray.

Two types of lacquers can be used:

1. Nitrocellulose lacquer.

Nitrocellulosic lacquer is one component. It is a paint that already has the catalyst or the drying agent together with the gloss and is applied by roller or spray. It is the appropriate paint when it is going to be used by inexperienced hands, since it is easier to use, since it does not have to mix the two components and others.

2. Two component lacquer.

This lacquer is made up of the lacquer itself already with the color plus the catalyst or drier. Generally, the mix is ​​2 to 1, which means that for every part of lacquer, we need half the catalyst. When this type of lacquer is used, it is usually applied by spray. It is an expensive and difficult product to apply. So, it is better to hire a professional. Anyway, if you want to do it yourself, here you can see how to paint a wall step by step.

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With what finish do you stay? If you have any questions about the application of any type of finish, you can leave a comment and I will be happy to answer you.


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