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To ensure the correct adherence of the wallpaper to the surface where we are going to paste it, we must choose the appropriate one. Not all wallpapers are suitable for certain walls. Each one has its technical properties.

For plaster or paint walls:

To put wallpaper on plaster or painted walls, it is best to first put a covering paper. This paper makes it much easier to grip the wallpaper and insulates the wall thus protecting the paper.

Once the coating has been applied, the appropriate paper would be an ordinary one, that is, ordinary wallpaper, but we recommend that you buy the heaviest one to avoid breaking or deforming. The heavier the paper, the better quality it offers us.

For kitchens and bathrooms

For kitchens and bathrooms, the best paper we can put on is washable wallpaper.

This paper is waterproofed with a transparent PVA layer that allows cleaning and does not absorb steam or moisture, which is why they are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom.

For places where there is a lot of humidity

For these sites, vinyl wallpaper is best. It is a much more resistant paper than the previous one because the protective layer is made of PVC. It is also highly recommended for kitchens and bathrooms that have high humidity. And it is highly washable.

For walls or ceilings with many imperfections

For these cases we have several wallpapers with a thickness greater than the previous ones to hide the failures of the walls and ceilings that are in poor condition.

The two most common types of paper are embossed wallpaper and quilted paper.

To isolate from noise and cold

Cork wallpaper. It is a special paper that insulates from cold or heat and noise.


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