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It is of great value that in these times, where unscrupulous mass production and without any regard beyond that of making money is the law, there are people who invest their time and efforts in creating handmade wooden furniture, with a very original design, thus leaving the script pre-established by current life. Of course, when you follow your instincts to do something that you really believe in, are passionate about, live it, even breathe it, that’s when you really stand out from the rest, creating unique furniture that lasts a lifetime, Like the handcrafted furniture designed and manufactured by Wood Feelings.

Wood Feelings is a young and Spanish company, created by Adriana and Yago, based in Cambre, La Coruña, in which pure, traditional craftsmanship and design go hand in hand to create handcrafted furniture of the highest quality, made with cherry, chestnut and walnut woods.

Among the handmade wooden furniture that we can see in its collection, there are, for example:

Kabu console or hall.

A console made of solid walnut, oak or cherry wood, composed of sinuous and elegant legs where we can perceive the delicacy in the study of its forms; and an envelope created by sheets of solid wood on a mold.

Bimyo console or hall.

The base of this console has a solid iron structure with a matt black finish, visually very light, which supports a top made of solid walnut, oak or cherry wood, resulting in a piece of furniture with a lot of personality and balance.

Yane table.

The Yane table is a generously proportioned coffee table, which has a worked surface with edged edges that give the table a light finish. This wooden surface stands firm on a solid iron structure but is visually very light.

Sanbe table.

A solid and sturdy wooden table made from noble trees such as walnut, cherry or oak, with an elaborate and harmonious design that makes the table attractive and functional.

Bansho sideboard.

A practical and functional piece of furniture made with the best wood by hand that shows us a very curious effect, almost as if it were a flown or suspended piece of furniture, when witnessing how a thin but firm base, made of solid iron in a matte black finish, holds a robust and solid piece of furniture.

Although the final design of each piece of furniture presents its inherent natural beauty, the beauty of these pieces of furniture is impregnated from the first steps of study and design, through artisan production, treating and working with each piece in a unique way; until the process is completed and a new piece is born.

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Vintage recycled wood tables.


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