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21 de November de 2020 by Katie

We bring you a collection of bathroom sinks with an innovative design. The first is from the Disegno Cerámica brand, and is from their Splash collection, it has a groundbreaking and lively design, it is available in various colors. This other washbasin has been designed by the company CDB Vidrio, its design imitates water spilling. …

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The cerasa company creates luxury bathrooms, more than luxury bathrooms, it creates beauty and well-being. We present you one of the bathrooms from the Suede collection. Countertop Material: White quartz agglomerate Sink Type: Support top made of tecnoril® Kama Finish: Grigio oak essence Source: Cerasa . The first luxury hotel on the water in the …

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The egyptian decor is based on a specific civilization or people, that’s why getting this decoration style it is not complicated at first. It is a style that hides a lot of decoration culture, as they were pioneers in using many painting techniques and introducing many of the materials that are used today to decorate …

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Although this vertical toilet may not seem like it, it is the most functional there is, it has everything and in a really small space, you just have to turn the modules and everything you need appears. It is a single module with different compartments, each one intended for a purpose, as you can see …

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As things are today, it is not easy to buy, sell or rent a house or premises, but at they make it very easy. You can easily buy, sell or rent any type of property. In you can multiply your options for success, it is a real estate portal that is among the …

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Photo: Freepeople. Do you remember the fury that horse shampoo caused a few years ago and its infinite supposed qualities for our hair? Well, now the fashion of how to wash your hair without using shampoo, called as I mentioned in the title “No-poo” (no shampoo). Something with which we can save. This alternative technique, …

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