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If you have a garden at home perhaps one of the decorative ideas that we can most recommend is the Zen style. The oriental style never goes out of fashion and in the same way that a zen bedroom exudes charm, elegance and relaxation, the same can be achieved when it comes to a garden and therefore we want you to see some of the best proposals that come to us for this year.

Zen-style gardens are distinguished by their elegance, and while many equate it with the fact that they want to find a balance that conveys harmony, in practice the oriental gardens are designed on the basis of incomplete, asymmetrical, unfinished, and with this it is possible to express the desired calm.We can see below, several ideas that will serve as inspiration for your garden this year, becomes one of Zen style. Ideas that have as main attraction the use of varied plants, but also the power to take advantage of the different elements of nature, such as water and stones, in order to achieve a unique style garden, and with much charm.Within the Zen style gardens themselves, we can find various ideas as they can be gardens that form paths, from the use of stones, those that focus our attention on the sides, with a lot of vegetation and even those that have fountains in the center, another characteristic and representative element of this type of garden.

Let’s see those ideas in detail and also, we leave you a complete photo gallery that you will undoubtedly find inspiring.

Zen Gardens In Modern Design

Zen gardens can be a traditional theme, strikingly oriental or just the opposite, and have a totally contemporary layout and architecture. Within this type of garden, we would like to highlight those known as “Karensagui” gardens, which typically have sand , gravel and rocks, and sometimes may even have moss, another feature that occurs a lot in Zen-style gardens.

With a modern design in your garden, you will get much more out of its decorative beauty. Also take advantage of the element of moss to create small drawings, accompanied by those that can be formed with sand.

Also, among the modern gardens with a Zen style, we have the possibility of incorporating other elements that despite not corresponding properly to this type of gardens, are going to allow us to enjoy it to the maximum. This is the case of the beds, which seem to have become a trend in the last year, and in which you can relax while you enjoy the environment of your garden.
When it comes to decorating your garden in a Zen style, we have to try to organize the whole space in order to find the harmony and balance that this type of garden requires. In this way, whether you place stones, sand, or also bamboo or any pavement as we will see in the rest of ideas that we propose below.

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Zen Gardens With Plants

Plants are also important in the Zen-style gardens. We have already listed moss as an important item, but you may also add others, such as small shrubs and, of course, trees that are wide and tall. Of course, you have to take into account that, along with the seeds, it will be appropriate to use sand, but be mindful that it is not for us to stroll, but that it will act as a meditation, one of the highlights of this style of garden.

The idea of achieving relaxation from the asymmetrical is something characteristic of this type of garden as we have already pointed out, and in this way, we can begin to plant plants that are different to achieve the stillness that these transmit once we see them as a whole. In addition, we usually use plants that are quite dry to convey a somewhat rough but very relaxing. Among the trees that you can plan to get your Zen garden we recommend some small willows, called Hakuro nishiki, very beautiful and bright, which usually have almost white leaves when they are born.
Among the plants of the zen gardens you can also place sand or gravel with which to achieve the style of this type of garden without having to make big changes. In fact, you can even have a garden of this style even if the size is small.

Zen Gardens With Sand And Stones

We have already seen the Zen gardens and the amazing outcome they offer us with their plants, but we do want you to see in depth how nice the stones will look, an aspect that is typically present in all the gardens, but not as something that is too dominant or without being a main feature. For these gardens, the stones are essential, with them you can surround the plants, separate the habitats and even create small paths, or a little larger one.

Another option is to choose stones to make small drawings with them, on the spaces where you have placed sand, as we see in this other image. It will not be necessary for this, a garden that is too big.

Zen Garden Of Urban Style

Zen gardens should have a modern feel, too. In this way, you will add the features that we see and that distinguish this sort of garden, so that they are present in others that have others that are more commercial in nature. You have a nice example above, with a little zen garden with bricks, plants and moss, but on a terrace with tiles.

Zen Gardens With Fountains

We’ve already discussed plants and stones as vital elements for your Zen-style garden, but we can’t forget about water either, which is really important and which helps us to have the presence of fountains that are truly outstanding in this kind of garden. Among them, we can pick those with bamboo as it reflects an oriental culture and design, which would be ideal for the kind of fountain we ‘re looking for in our zen garden.

In this other image, we find a Zen-style garden fountain that again features bamboo, but also has a design in which a stone is essential.

Here we find another ideal fountain for a Zen garden, with a size that is not too big so that you can place it in your garden even if it is small. Note the presence of the stones.

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